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We all know what a golden rule is, but for the ones who are looking for a refresher course I’ll tell you

A Golden Rules are rules that should not be broken we at Roads Driving School teach the method of the golden rule to all of our learns who are learning to drive with our driving school

For example: when driving never take your eyes off the road ‘golden rule’ but how can we? We tend to look at our rear view mirror we change the radio station and yes we still look at our mobile phone Naughty Naughty….

Rules are meant to be broken all rules have exception in clouding Golden Rules.See below some of our Golden Rules with some exceptions.

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When driving never take your eyes off the road Exception when glancing at your review mirror, when checking your speed (quick glance) is what is needed when looking at review mirror or checking your speed.

Golden Rule: ‘when driving fast (in a straight line) turn the wheel slow.‘When driving slow (turning a corner) turn the wheel fast’.

Think about this and Make sense of it. Turning /moving the steering wheel fast when driving in a straight line can make the car lose control (don’t try it please)

When turning a corner you need to turn the steering wheel faster to catch up when going around the corner.

Golden Rule: ‘Break before the corner, power around the corner learn to drive Learn To Drive

Drivers experience the inability to steer a car in a corner due to a number of reasons. This inability to steer is called understeer. Read on to find out how to avoid understeer and control understeer if needed

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Understeer is a term used when a car loses its ability to steer while going around a corner. The front wheels of the car lose traction and steering ability forcing the car to go wide on a bend even while trying to apply the correct steering action. To an observer it will look like the driver has not turned the steering wheel enough for taking the corner. This happens as the front wheels are carrying speed at which steering inputs are limited because the wheels are busy putting the car’s power down onto the road and trying to make it go forwards faster. Understeer is more common on front wheel drive cars as the front wheels have to do the steering and put the driving power on the road.

These are two types of factors which make a car understeer

Active factors involved (the way the car is being driven)

  • Cornering speed
  •  Throttle
  •  Braking
  • Steering inputs
  • Weight transfer


learn to drive with a Passive factors involved

(the natural properties of the car)

  • Weight distribution
  • Drive layout
  • Suspension & chassis setup
  • Tyre type, wear and pressures

Passive factors also play a big role in determining the limit at which a car will understeer. A lot of research and development goes into developing cars so that these factors can are minimized. Understeer is likely to happen when accelerating too hard in a bend or while braking into a corner or while driving into a corner much too fast or on slippery road conditions such as rain, snow or oil.

Even professional drivers do this all break before the corner so it would mean to break into the straight line and just before the corner you break ,then you Power around the corner that make the car more stable around the corner making you go steady.

If you drive too fast and don’t break before the corner you will instinctively break into the corner and you could lose the back end and spin out.

For more Golden Rules or more information on how to teach the supervisor when teaching a learn how to drive contact Roads Driving School in Melbourne on  call us  on +61 03 8838 2020 or visit our web site.

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Written by Vince Favata professional driving instructor.

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