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Learning to drive in Melbourne and getting your drivers licence in Victoria is not all that deficult  with assistance from VicRoads and specialist Driving Instructors like Roads Driving School Call: 03 9995 6367 Or Text Us 0421 282 476.

The steps required to obtain a drivers licence in  Melbourne Victoria Learn To Drive

1. Get a Learner Permit at VicRoads.
2. Learn to drive with a professional driving school like Roads Driving School.
3. Get a Probationary Drivers Licence.

1. Get a car learner permit.

A Learner Permit allows you to drive in the company of a fully licenced driver while you learn to drive.

Applying for your learner permit is the first step to getting your licence. To get your learner permit you must be at least:
– 16 years of age for a car (18 for a bike).

To get a car learner permit you will need to pass an eyesight test and a multiple choice theory test on road law which is computer based.

To prepare for your car learner permit test you can buy the “Road to Solo Driving” handbook, available in 9 languages.

Before going for your learner permit test, take the practice licence tests to familiarise yourself with the structure and layout of the tests.

When you are ready, make an appointment for your test. untitled4

To make an appointment:
– Call VicRoads on 13 11 71 (Mon-Sat 8.30am – 5.00pm).
– Visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

2. Learn to Drive

The quickest and safest way to learn to drive is with a trained driving instructor. Not only will they teach you how to drive, they will guide you through the process of passing your Probationary Drivers Licence test.

Visit:Roads Driving School Driving Instructors in Melbourne.

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