RoadsLogoWhilst road staff acknowledge international students may have prior driving experience in their county of origin, our first priority is the safety of our students and other road users/motorists.

Our instructors will provide the highest quality driving learning experience to get students driving in possession of a Victorian Drivers License as promptly as possible. We will ensure you succeed in your test and guarantee a stress free speedy license conversion experience.

Test Day – ID

  • Passport
  • Overseas Licence. A certified translation is required for non English licence’s
  • Learner permit
  • Identification with your current address ie. a bank statement or telephone bill (Copies printed from the internet will not be accepted)
  • Identification with your signature ie. credit card or bank card
  • HPT and test booking receipts

* Applicants who fail to produce the required documentation may be denied the chance to undergo the test.

Click here for Vic Roads official Evidence of Identity documents required


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